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Talking about 1896, we can say that this year was full of historical events. Pope John Paul II visited synagogue in Rome for the first time in history of papacy, in the USSR nuclear power-station in Chernobyl got crashed and the government was struggling with alcoholism. In Europe the number one event was disco, not alkohol. In this particular moment Modern Talking started to rush hit-parades and all the Europe was charmed by the light, like the summer wind, voice of CCCATCH.

Dancing songs of 80-es light the flame in our hearts up until now, give us the unique feeling of youth, joy and unity. We can hear the heats of those times everywhere even now. The songs of 80-es become more and more popular these times.

Patty Ryan had her first triumph 20 years ago, when she entered the show business for the first time. She released her first album and became a star loved by millions of people. I would like to tell you about this extravagant woman, to make you to know her better and I would like not to repeat everything that has already been posted in the internet.

Patty Ryan is a celebrity but still she is a mysterious singer who keeps many secrets. It is the woman that still remains a mystery to millions of her fans, but it only rouses our interest. Her songs make us want to plunge into the kind and sunny atmosphere of 80-es.

You can find here rare and exclusive photos, interviews, her autographs and many other original and unique materials. Obviously, I don’t pretend to have an absolute knowledge of her work, but at least I made an effort. And it is you who will judge was I successful or not.

This website was not made for commercial purposes, so I ask you not to make any requests about buying or selling any of the materials. I would be happy to receive any donations or help patty-ryan@mail.ru

Sergey Samoylov