Patty Ryan Biography

Her real name is Birgit, she was born on 6th of May, 1961, in Germany, North Rein-Westphalia, Wuppertal.

In 1976 she got her degree as a Massagepraktikerin.

In 1979 she got some basic education connected with visage.

In 1980 she started her career in the music industry, the style of that period can be characterized as Rock’n’Roll and Hilly Billy. Simultaneously she started her own business and opened a beauty shop (It’s impossible to imagine a successful and respectable women with bad-groomed hands).

In 1986 she got another chance in the musical industry. At that times disco was quite popular.

Patty Ryan worked at the same record studio as Dieter Bohlen did. He worked with Thomas Anders in the project called Modern Talking. Her producer and song-writer was Gerd Rohel. He is often confused by many fans with Dieter Bohlen, who, supposedly, worked under the name of Gerd Rohel. Modern Talking was becoming more and more popular around the world and they were invited to Japan. They couldn’t go there because of the schedule of their tour. The interested party asked to find somebody who had the similar sound to Modern Talking and to invite this singer to Japan.

Patty Ryan used her chance and she became quite successful. Her popularity in Japan was beyond any expectations.

During her tour across Asia, all the concert halls were filled with people. Her songs were played all around the world and they were number one hits in 18 countries. Besides, she was number one in Japan, Hong Kong, USA, Switzerland and France.

It also should be noted, that during the life show on Japanese TV, she was unofficially given “the queen of disco” title. Her shows were quite successful and she had tours all around the world: those unforgettable concerts in Las Vegas (Mirage), Los Angeles (Hall of Fame) and in Paris she appeared with Kaylie Minogue.

Her biggest hit is “You are my love, you are my life”. Then she released her next song “Stay with me tonight” and her album "Love is the name of the game", which strengthened her success in Europe and made her quite popular.

In spite of the success, the style of the next album "Top of the line" was different. One of the problems, connected with it, was bad management.

Patty Ryan stopped going on tours elsewhere but Europe because of her manager. He was afraid of flights and Patty went on tours only in the cities that could be reached by land or sea.

In 1988 she had a new boyfriend.

Her motto is – “I don’t have time to be in a hurry”.

There are some women that, against the “glamour norms”, are quite attractive even though they are plump. But not everybody is ready to reject these standards. Patty Ryan is one of those plump women who are proud of their body. Her outstanding, bright appearance and strong and rich voice, her striving for life are of a special note.

As she says herself: “My life was never boring, but it was not easy too. I had many problems on my way. I realized very soon, that if you are not paid well, then to get everything you should work. Now I have big family, I’m a mother, I like to travel and I want to see the world”.

Her favorite singers are Bob Marley, Dolly Parton, Patti LaBelle, Shakira, Hulio Iglicias.

Her pets are dogs.

She is interested in cooking, internet and sport.

Her favorite book is “The Thorn Birds”

Her favorite films are “Pretty Woman”, “Harry Potter”, “Gladiator”.

She is inspired by Michael Jackson, Katty Perry, Madonna, Dieter Bohlen.

In 1995 she took part in different photo sessions. She started her career as an actress. “I have no regrets of that period. It was my destiny”.

She is with us again, she is coming back and it is cool!

At the end of 90-es, after the reunion of Modern Talking, an interest to disco appeared again.

She had some shows as a star on gala-concerts, on different cruise liners and on popular TV shows in Germany and abroad (for example, she took the first prize on ZDF Hit parade).

Thanks to her new team, in 2003 she began to familiarized herself with German show business.

In 2004 she brought her greatest hits to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. It was a unique show, good music, unexpected but pleasant meetings with Thomas Anderson, Baccara, C. C. Catch, Bad Boys Blue, Lian Ross, Bananarama, Kaoma, Opus and many others.

It was amazing! Inflammatory music, that is connected with so many things in my life. The first notes of each song were recognized and were met with enthusiasm. Let the time be cruel and we grow older, but we are still young in our souls!

That enthusiastic welcome, that was organized by Russian “disco” fans, touched the star so much, that she decided to release a “dedication” single, the main composition of it is the song "One summer night in Moscow". In the setting of it were used photographs made in “Autoradio – Disco of the 80-es”.

Patty Ryan has been combining music and sport for many years, and it let her represent German music on many international sport competitions. Final game of Tennis ATP competition, Box-Up Halmix, BayArena, the last game of Ulf Kirsten with an audience of 2 millions of TV viewers and 30 000 fans on the stadium, football cup of Bavaria, charity performance in Intercontinental Berlin and on many other activities.

In 2004-2005 her manager and producer Claus Bush made a pilot project (he also had made 4 videos). Two of these videos were filmed in a legendary club “Marbellia” – in one of them “a piano devil” Sasha Klaar took part.

In 2005 the queen with golden hair Patty Ryan was awarded for the “Best Return” on the ceremony «Golden Artists Gala Awards». In June, 2005, the group called “Systems in blue” made two songs with Patty Ryan, which were included in her new single “I gave you all my love”.

Spring, 2006, Patty Ryan’s management decided to concentrate on the recording of the new repertoire in English, to satisfy her fans all around the world. That’s how the new version of “I gave you all my love” appeared.

Her album “All the best” was produced by the label "Spectre/Universal". According to it’s name, there were her best songs, and, in addition, she included there two cover versions on “Send me an angel” by an Australian group Real Life and “The final countdown” by a hard rock group Europe from Sweden.

In 2006 there was a concert of disco music in Tel Aviv. A popular Israel radio presenter Iaron Ashbel told that many European disco stars were invited to take part in the concert, but only 4 groups agreed to come, not concerning the dangerous situation in the country and willing to contribute the peace settlement of the problem. These groups were: Systems in Blue, Patty Ryan, Bad Boys Blue and Afric Simon.

Before the start, Patty Ryan addressed to the auditorium and told that the only aim of her coming was to bring peace to Israel.

Patty Ryan performed her most popular song “You’re my love, you’re my life” and “Stay with me tonight”. She also performed a song by Scorpions.

2010. Sudden leaving from the scene.

Translated by Masha Samoylova (, VKontakte group)